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A name to trust on for availing best Casting Services, Fabrication Services, Molding Services,Heat Treatment and other services at reasonable prices....

About Us

Eminently praised for being a company that never fails to satisfy its customers, we are, Aishengg Sourcing India Pvt. Ltd. For those who seek to avail cost effective Casting Services, Fabrication Services, Molding Services, Surface Treatment Services, Heat Treatment Services, etc., we operate and render to them respectively. The reason why we are extensively acclaimed in this industry is that customer's specified requirements are always sufficed by us with the most qualitative approach. We are an excellent service provider, that has a history of surpassing customer's expectations. Besides, we are rendering Casting Services, Fabrication Services, Moulding Services, etc. to the customers of all over the world.

We are distinct not only because of our excellent solutions but also for the quality we deliver. This we do because we know that in order to earn customer's contentment, we must remain capable of delivering all that they expect from us in this line of work. In our facility, a sharp minded team operates, which facilitates each activity with utmost perfection, and helps us in meeting the needs of the respected customers. The team working for us is headed by our Chief Executive Officer- Mr. Sathyaseelan and he is the main reason why we excel at execution of each work. Every customer who decides to trust us, understands that no other firm is as reliable and benefiting to them as we are.

Why Choose Us?
  • All What We Do: We are a business firm that extensively provides complete designing, fabrication, heat treatment, vendor training, and logistics solutions to companies.
  • Global Standards: By maintaining global standards, we cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, and strengthen our portfolio respectively.
  • Customer Care- Our customer care professionals keep communicating with the clients to understand their exact needs and serve them accordingly.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The main objective of our company is to continue treating our customer's rightly, and build long term relations with them, through our premium solutions.
  • Inspection Quality: Strict quality measures are taken by us, in order to never fail at catering splendid quality to clients.
  • Lot of Features: We respond to varying requirements of client's and flexibly accommodate to customer's needs.

We are always focused on becoming the best entity to which a customer relate for availing the best & result oriented solutions at most reasonable prices.